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With offices in the US and China and over 5 years of consumer product sourcing, our team is always on the hunt for the new "hit" item, we are able to quickly source and manufacture all types of quality consumer products for our customers.


Our relationships with multiple factories, help us pass along high margin pricing, as well as very fast delivery times. 

We walk all the largest trade shows in the world and bring you the best of them all. From India and China, to the US, we cover every trade show and search for great items day in and day out.

The quality of goods you offer your customers must be the best, because sales mean nothing if you can't keep customers coming back for more. All of our products go through vigorous QC inspections before becoming available to any one of our clients. 


Center Link Media has an impeccable record in sourcing quality items for all of our clients and have been at the forefront of the e-commerce world, growing, adapting, and staying relevant.

Piggyback on our shipments and receive our discounted international rates, to bring in your products and save even more!


Have a new start-up website and need products to sell?

Are you looking for drop-ship services in the US and Internationally? 


Do you have a blog that you're trying to monetize?

We have thousands of SKU's across multiple categories available to pick from. Fill your entire site with products ranging from home goods, apparel, device accessories, toys, and many more. We bring in new items daily and stay relevant with all new trends. Our quality products can fill a small startup site,  provide bloggers the products they need to monetize their blogs, or even dropship for fortune 500 companies that need hundreds of new products monthly to stay relevant. Center Link Media has it all, including the infrastructure to handle the high volume orders. 

We have been drop shipping since 2012 and currently drop-ship over 2,000,000 pieces a year.  


Our proprietary software can process thousands of orders in minutes and can connect with clients via API, FTP, and other methods to create a seamless and easy order flow for your business. Your files are sent in daily and in most cases, we process all orders same day. Tracking is loaded back, or sent back to you by end of day, for your customers to receive. It's that easy! 

Take advantage of our high volume shipping rates, which we pass along to all of our customers. Because we ship thousands of packages daily, we receive premium rates and offer all shipping services from carriers, including Fedex ground, Fedex priority, Fedex smartpost, UPS ground, UPS priority, UPS Mail Innovations,  DHL, DHL Global Mail, and many more. 

We also offer drop ship services around the globe at a very low cost. From Canada to South America and all the way to the UK and Australia, Center Link Media has it covered.

Let CLM handle your drop-shipping so you can focus on growing your business!


Need somewhere to store your goods? 

Is your office full of product and is work becoming inefficient? 

Do you need someone to handle your 3PL orders? 

Our large state of the art facility can store hundreds of pallets and with close proximity to the port of Miami, one of the largest ports in the country, it's easy as ever to have your goods brought in. 

CLM handles thousands of truckloads yearly and our logistics department has created an efficient system, along with our hard working team, we handle all receiving, palletizing, custom racking, and outgoing orders with ease!  

From small lightweight pieces to heavy bulky items, and everything in between. CLM has your business covered. 

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